Hello! If you’re an author or a publisher with a book that you want to be reviewed on Camyll Reads, then go fill out the contact form I’ll be posting at the very end. Please make sure that you read my review policy first before requesting a book.

  • Age Group – Young Adult. I barely read New Adult books. But if yours is a New Adult one, we’ll see if I’ll consider trying it out.
  • Genre – I enjoy reading and reviewing books under the genre of Young Adult,  Fantasy, Dystopia, Sci-Fi and Paranormal. I also read Contemporary and Romance occasionally. If yours is not here, just ask! 
  • Format –  I am open to reviewing finished copies of books in paperback or hardbound. I also accept e-books, but make sure you give me the link to it to avoid any hassles.

A few things to remember:

  • I will do my best to keep my book reviews completely honest and unbiased. I wouldn’t say that all of the reviews would be positive, but I’d be fair with the authors and the readers.
  • Not all books requested will be reviewed. If I found it not fitting for my site, then I would have to decline it. If this ever happened, please do know that I will still contact you.
  • I normally take a day or two to finish a book when I’m not so committed on doing anything else. But I’ll have to warn you that starting this August, I’m going to be in college and I would be pretty pre-occupied. It might take me weeks to get back to you, but I promise that I’ll try my very best to not disappoint.
  • If you want to make sure that I get your request, you can tweet me at @wtvrcams. That way, it would be faster for me to reach you.


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